Dogma Lab

DOGMA Lab is a cross-disciplinary art and design lab based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Benjamin Bacon and Vivian Xu, we believe in the cross-pollination of DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, ART and SCIENCE in the creation of products, as well as experimental works in art, music, and performance.

We are interested in fostering an environment that uses ideas and concepts developed in research and experimentation to drive and elevate production, forming a sustainable eco- system of intellectuals and artisans. Through our work, we hope to build a community and hub where creatives from diverse backgrounds can come together to exchange ideas and inspiration, and more importantly, create unique and culturally rich projects, narratives and experiences.

DOGMA 跨学科设计实验室位于上海。创始人 Benjamin Bacon (白培耕)和徐维静(Vivian Xu)结合设计、科技、艺术与科学等领域的概念和技术手段,开发、创造综合性的高端产品,以及试验性的艺术、音乐和表演项目。 我们希望能创造一个开放的环境,滋生具有研究价值和实验精神的项目,同时将这些新的概念引入生产及商业领域,产出高品质前卫型产品,形成一个由知识分子和艺人共同维护的、可持续的原创社区。通过我们的努力,我们希望不同领域的合作者能够聚集在一起,交换想法和灵感,但更重要的是,创造具有丰富文化背景和文化深度的项目、叙事和体验。

DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 Chinese (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Design Portfolio 2017 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Unibrown Design Case Study (PDF)