Dogma Lab

DOGMA Lab is a cross-disciplinary art and design lab based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Benjamin Bacon and Vivian Xu, we believe in the cross-pollination of DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, ART and SCIENCE in the creation of products, as well as experimental works in art, music, and performance.

We are interested in fostering an environment that uses ideas and concepts developed in research and experimentation to drive and elevate production, forming a sustainable ecosystem of intellectuals and artisans. Through our work, we hope to build a community and hub where creatives from diverse backgrounds can come together to exchange ideas and inspiration, and more importantly, create unique and culturally rich projects, narratives and experiences.

DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Selected Portfolio 2018 Chinese (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Design Portfolio 2017 (PDF)
DOGMA Lab Unibrown Design Case Study (PDF)